Lambader Cree Lighting Led

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    Cree Led Module LMR4 Evaluation Kit

    Powered by Cree XLamp LEDS, the Cree LED Module LMR4 gives lighting manufacturers an easy way to adopt LED lighting or expand their existing product portfolio and get to market faster. Cree LED Modules provide access to our award-winning Cree TrueWhiteM Technology which delivers an industry-leading combination light quality, excellent color rendering and high energy efficiency. This is accomplished by mixing the light from unsaturated yellow and saturated red LEDS to give you the industry's highest light quality and efficacy.

    Comprehensive solution with driver electronics, optics and core thermals.

    Designed to last at least 35,000 hrs at L70.

    Supports dimming to 5%.

    Cree IES LM-80 data in support of U. S. DOE ENERGY STAR® qualification.

    120-V version is UL-recognized and 230-V version complies with multiple international standards.

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